Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, invites you to embark on a unique beer adventure – the Taproom Trail. This passport-style map guides craft beer and cider enthusiasts through a flavorful journey across the city. With every pint or flight you savor at the participating taprooms, you earn a stamp on your passport, opening doors to exclusive Taproom Trail swag.

Taproom Trail in Fredericton

The Taproom Trail Experience

The Taproom Trail, also known as the #FredTapTrail, is the first of its kind in New Brunswick. It allows you to choose your taproom adventure, offering a diverse range of craft beers and ciders. The trail is not just about tasting; it’s about collecting experiences. Each stamp you collect is a testament to the unique flavors and experiences you’ve enjoyed.

The Rewards

The Taproom Trail offers more than just delightful beverages. Collect stamps from six unique taprooms and earn an exclusive #FredTapTrail bumper sticker. Visit just two more for a total of eight, and you’ll be rewarded with a limited-edition t-shirt, available for pickup at the Joyce Pub.

Participating Taprooms

The Fredericton Taproom Trail includes 11 participating partners, each offering a unique taste and atmosphere. These include:

  • Gahan House Riverside (426 Queen)
  • Graystone Brewing (221 King)
  • Grimross Brewing Co. (600 Bishop)
  • King West Brewing & RustiCo. (304 King)
  • Mama’s Brew Pub (500 Brookside)
  • Maybee Brewing (559 Wilsey)
  • Picaroons Brewing Company (912 Union)
  • The Cap (362 Queen)
  • Trailway Brewing Company (280 Main)
  • York County Cider (38 Main)

Fredericton boasts one of the highest numbers of taprooms per capita in Canada, with one taproom per 5,400 people. This quantity, coupled with the quality of the brews, makes Fredericton a brewing hotspot in the East.

Editor’s note: During my Taproom Trail journey, I stopped at King West Brewing for a beer flight and appetizers. They have one of the best poutines I’ve ever had in New Brunswick. No protein frills on top, just the perfect ratio of brown gravy, cheese curds, and hand-cut crispy french fries. See my photo below as proof of the yum they deliver.

King West Brewing Company's poutine
The perfect poutine appetizer at King West Brewing

BrewBucks – Fredericton’s Own Currency

Adding to the uniqueness of the Taproom Trail, Fredericton has launched its own currency, BrewBucks, for purchasing craft brews from the city’s local taprooms. Available exclusively from Picaroons Roundhouse, BrewBucks come in denominations of $5, $10, and $20.

The Fredericton Taproom Trail is more than just a trail; it’s a journey through the city’s vibrant craft beer and cider scene. It’s an adventure that rewards you with exclusive swag and unforgettable experiences. So, if you’re over 19 years old, pick up your passport at any partner taproom or at the City of Fredericton Visitor Information Centre, and start responsibly enjoying the delicious tastes found all along the Fredericton Taproom Trail!