New Gogo Deal Aims to Make Inflight Wi-Fi Faster

Streaming Netflix and HBO GO inflight is on its way

I love traveling. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gotten into the job I’m in now. Though, like most things I love, there are sides of it I absolutely loathe. Like the quality of Wi-Fi while flying. This is about to change.

Gogo and Intelsat has just signed a long-term deal giving Gogo’s customers access to nextgen inflight connectivity. The technology is powered by a high performance shared networked with multi-layered Ku-band capacity. So what exactly does that mean?

“It means lots more bandwidth and significantly lower costs to our airline partners and ultimately passengers,” he says. “It also means coverage from gate to gate, pole to pole.” – Steve Nolan, Vice President, Communications at Gogo

Even better, the technology is setup so that it improves over time. As new innovations make its way to space, Gogo’s 2Ku technology will leverage it and be able to advance over time.

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As for Intelstat, their satellite network deal means readily upgradable systems, with antenna installation that only needs to happen once. Gogo plans to add capacity on the Intelsat Globalized network Ku-band infrastructure in 2016.

What this Gogo Deal Means for You

Think Netflix / HBO GO streaming, faster loading emails, and phone calls over wi-fi. Maybe I’m thinking too big, but I can dream can’t I?

For me, my main hope is to be able to work in the sky the same way I work in an airport lounge or my home office. As a blogger, it’s difficult to finish an actual post without knowing how the image quality will come out due to poor download speeds. Sometimes images will be uploaded as a pixelated version of itself, and that’s never good.

Wow me, Gogo, this is your chance!

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