Hilton has been listening to what their customers want, and what they want is more options when choosing their hotel room. And to make sure that their guests get exactly what they’re looking for, Hilton has tapped Google Maps to help HHonors members see more when choosing their room.

Google Maps View in Hilton HHonors App

“We are the only global hotel company offering this game-changing technology and it is one of the most popular features on the Hilton HHonors app. Our guests love having the ability to choose their own rooms, but they have asked us to provide more detail about the hotel’s surroundings, and we have delivered,” said Geraldine Calpin, chief marketing officer, Hilton Worldwide. “By working with Google, we’re making our guests’ feedback reality by providing an exciting, in-app experience that lets our Hilton HHonors members pick their perfect room.”

5 Travel Tips from Hilton HHonors

In addition to this exciting announcement with Google, Hilton HHonors has shared with me 5 summer travel tips that will help you get the most out of your trips away from home.

How to Pick the Best Hotel Room:

Hilton HHonors members can use the HHonors app to choose the exact guestroom they want at a property. Want to be closest to the pool, or on the highest floor for a great view? And starting today, room selection just got even smarter. Using Google Map’s API, guests can see where available hotel rooms are located in relation to city streets, metro stops and parks, ensuring they get their ideal room.

The Best Way to Get the Most Value:

When it comes to booking your flights and hotels, the best way to ensure you’re getting the most value and flexibility is by booking directly through the airline or hotel. Should you run into flight delays or need to make adjustments to your hotel stay, having booked directly makes it much easier for you to get in touch with the brand re: your booking and can often times allow you more options when you need to cancel or change things all together.

The Best Way to Get an Upgrade:

When you’re looking to get a room upgrade during the busy summer season, the best way to ensure this happens is by being a member of that hotel’s loyalty program. Make sure that your loyalty program number is always on your reservation when booking.

How to Earn Extra Points at Hotels:

If you are traveling for the summer you might as well get Points for doing so. When booking flights and hotels, use a co-branded credit card to maximize your earning potential. A great way to earn more while traveling with HHonors is to bill all on property charges to your room account which will earn you Bonus Points.

How to Make Your Summer Travel Memorable:

With summer being one of the most popular times of the year to travel, industry professionals from flight attendants to hotel concierges are usually more than willing to make your experience special – you just have to ask! In addition, you can make sure to use your Points for experiences beyond just hotel stays: visit attractions nearby, purchase a camera to help capture memories, or maybe take a load off at a concert with friends and family.

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