Like hot tubs? How about movies? What about drinking with a few of your closest friends, in a hot tub, while watching a movie? You’re in luck this May, if you live in Vancouver.

Hot Tub Cinema Club goes to Vancouver

My favorite Canadian city is receiving the “Hot Tub Cinema Club” treatment from the Australian-based company that made it famous. This May, for six special nights, you and up to four others can occupy a comfy, padded hot tub while watching a flick.

Hot Tub Cinema Club has yet to disclose the location or exact dates for the viewings, however we do know they will be opening up 20 hot tubs, which means only 600 people will be able to attend. Because of its limited run, I’d recommend you keep an eye out on their site to know as soon as tickets go on sale or sign up to be on the Vancouver mailing list. You won’t want to miss it!