The Hacienda del Mar (HDM) Los Cabos Resort offers a unique and immersive travel experience that combines the comforts of home with the captivating charm of Mexico. Positioned as a grand and exclusive cultural oasis along the Sea of Cortez, this resort is perfect for travelers seeking to explore the best of Mexican culture, cuisine, and tradition.

An Architectural Masterpiece Inspired by Mexican Heritage

The HDM resort is designed to enchant guests with its remarkable architecture, blending traditional Mexican Colonial elements with elegant Mediterranean touches. Spread across 32 unique villas, the resort offers 542 stunning rooms and suites that provide a comfortable and stylish retreat.

Savor the Tastes of Mexico

Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos restaurants

Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos cocktails

The Hacienda del Mar proudly showcases Mexican culture through its culinary offerings. Among the five restaurants on the property is the famous Pitahayas, known for its delectable dishes inspired by the local pitaya fruit. Visitors can indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez.

Immerse Yourself in Mexico’s Vibrant Festivities

The resort places a strong emphasis on its cultural roots by hosting extravagant celebrations for important national holidays such as Mexico’s Independence Day and Día de los Muertos. Through these events, guests can fully appreciate the richness and vibrancy of Mexican heritage.

A Haven of Relaxation and Entertainment

Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos pool

HDM offers a wide array of amenities to ensure a memorable stay, including children’s club, while couples seeking a romantic getaway can take advantage of the resort’s picturesque beachfront terraces and charming chapel, making it an ideal destination for wedding tourism.

Making Connections with U.S. & Canadian Travelers

With a strong commitment to catering to the tastes and preferences of its North American neighbors, HDM has enlisted a U.S.-based public relations agency to assist with communication and marketing efforts. Angelica Basurto, HDM Marketing Director, shares that the resort aims to offer “a calm environment that combines both culture and relaxation that everyone can enjoy,” creating a unique and memorable experience for travelers from the United States and Canada.

An Unforgettable Escape Awaits

Hacienda del Mar Los Cabos Resort is the perfect destination for those seeking a truly immersive and enriching cultural experience in Mexico. With its exquisite architecture, authentic cuisine, and vibrant celebrations, guests will be transported into a world of tradition, luxury, and relaxation. Plan your visit to this extraordinary resort and discover the magic of Mexican culture.