Incredible Facts about Bali Wedding

Having a wedding in an exotic place is one of the major dreams of love birds. Bali is an amazing wedding destination that will leave a wonderful memory throughout your life. You will never regret having your wedding in Bali. Bali is an island in Indonesia that endowed with natural that will give your wedding a spectacular view.

The following are amazing facts about holding a wedding in Bali.

Best Spas in Bali

1. The Amazon of Seas

Located in the Coral Triangle, Bali is an interesting place to hold your wedding. The area is like an Amazon of seas because it is surrounded by great waters of Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, and Timor. Why not think of holding your honeymoon enjoying the diverse marine life in the depths of the seas?

2. The Rich Balinese Culture

So as not to spoil your big day, it is important to plan your event around times that you will not be disrupted. Every year Balinese commemorate the day of silence in Saka New Year. Look out for this day so that it does not collide with your wedding to your disappointment. Bali is closed on this day, and no one is allowed to go out.

Also, note the Nyepi ceremony where the Balinese crowd the beaches. If you have to plan your wedding around this time, think of a different location, not unless you want to be part of it.

3. The Balinese Spas

Of course, you want o to enjoy a pampering massage after the hectic wedding day. The spas in Bali will give your body the soothing touch it will be longing to get. You will get more than you ask for when you step into the best spa in Bali. Ask for spas where you can enjoy couples massage to enjoy the unforgettable experience with your lover.

4. The Fantastic Ecology

Flora and fauna in Bali are just fantastic. You won’t mind having over 280 bird species singing their hearts out during your wedding. You will be lucky to see Bali myna, a unique bird species found only in Bali. Figure out touring the Bali parks to see large animals like tiger monkey, and snakes found nowhere else apart from Bali. You may also plan an outdoor wedding and enjoy the Asian fauna with traces of Australasian influence.

5. The Breath-Taking Rice Terraces

Bali is an awesome place to hold an outdoor wedding. The great rice terraces in Bali are an adorable background for a wedding. The fresh aroma from the rice will spice up your day and lift your guests’ moods.

6. The Great Transport System

A poor transport system can get up to your nerves during your wedding day. The excellent transport system in Bali will save you the headache on your wedding day. Ngurah international airport is conveniently located in Jimbaran, the heart of Bali, making it easy to navigate. You may consider using a motorcade for your wedding and thus utilize the special lanes for motorcycles to your wedding destination.

You will not experience any problem touring the Island because there is a coastal road that circles the Bali Island. Going up the mountain is easy through the two-lane arteries that cut across the central mountains. The beautiful thing is that your guests will be able to access the Island from any corner using the streets.

7. The Great Culture

The rich Balinese culture will add color to your wedding. Your guests will have a chance of sampling out the Indonesian cuisine. Those who don’t mind a piggy- bite will enjoy mouth-watering pig chucks prepared by the expert Hindu chefs. The Balinese dances and percussion orchestra music will draw your guests to the floor to dance your wedding away. You may also consider enriching your wedding by integrating the Balinese wedding culture.

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