JetBlue Vacations’ Flight + Cruise packages were launched today by JetBlue Travel Products, making JetBlue the first domestic U.S. airline to give consumers the opportunity to book their flight, cruise, and hotel all in one location. The new cruise packages with Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Carnival Cruise Line are now available on JetBlue’s website, providing customers with a unique opportunity to save time and money by bundling their travel purchases, with JetBlue’s signature service covering all segments of their journey. The new flight + cruise launch represents JTP’s latest push into developing JetBlue into a larger travel firm offering complete vacations in addition to flights, with the goal of making travel as easy as possible.

“Continuing to build upon the trust that JetBlue has established over the last 20+ years, we want customers to book their entire trip, from flights and cruises to hotels and more, all with us. Handling the customer service ourselves, rather than sending them to multiple entities, allows us to go above and beyond while meeting JetBlue standards at every single touchpoint. With cruise lines increasingly beginning to sail again, we’re excited to refresh our package offerings, as we continue to drive ancillaries and build our non-ticket revenue base.”

– Andres Barry, president, JetBlue Travel Products

JetBlue Travel Products’ new solutions are focused on simplicity and convenience and are intended to improve the passenger experience from booking through travel and even thereafter. Booking a cruise trip nowadays may be a difficult experience: clients must spend a significant amount of time looking for flights that will get them to their port on time, as well as completing the arithmetic and accounting for travel time on their own. There’s also the possibility that their flight may be delayed or canceled, leaving them with little choice but to miss their cruise departure. To alleviate some of these consumer concerns and help them get into holiday mood faster, JTP has collaborated with Traveltek, a travel technology company, to allow customers to quickly search for and purchase cruise packages.

If a customer’s JetBlue flight is delayed or canceled, the airline will rebook them on the next available flight and/or ensure they arrive at their next port free of charge as part of JetBlue’s Plane to Port Commitment. Should a customer’s JetBlue flight be delayed or canceled, the airline will reimburse up to 150 percent of the original package price for a new JetBlue Vacations package. The airline’s Plane to Port Commitment only applies if a cruise is canceled or delayed due to a JetBlue flight delay. JetBlue is committed to providing the finest travel support to its clients in the event that they miss their cruise departure due to unforeseeable travel schedule adjustments or delays:

  • Same Cruise, New Port
    If a customer misses their cruise departure due to a JetBlue travel delays, the airline will fly them to their next port on the cruise itinerary so they can still enjoy the rest of their vacation.
  • Same Cruise, New Dates
    If a customer misses their cruise departure due to JetBlue travel delays but prefers not flying to the next port, the airline will re-book their flight + cruise package so they can vacation at another time. (Customer will be responsible for any difference in package price.)
  • Same Dates, New Vacation
    If a customer misses their cruise departure due to a JetBlue travel delays or cancellation and the airline is unable to get the customer to their next port (or, if they prefer not flying to the next port), JetBlue will cover up to an additional 50% of the customer’s original package price for a new JetBlue Vacations package.

JetBlue Vacations provides a Best Price Guarantee on all flight + hotel and flight + cruise packages, so consumers can spend less time searching for the best deal and more time planning their next vacation. If a client finds a lower price online for a flight + hotel or flight + cruise vacation package that is identical to one given by JetBlue Vacations before or within 48 hours of purchasing that Package from JetBlue Vacations, JetBlue will match that price or refund the difference in price. Customers who purchase a flight and cruise package via JetBlue Vacations benefit from JetBlue’s award-winning onboard experience, which includes staples like a complementary inflight alcoholic beverage (21+), complimentary snacks, early boarding, and free Fly-Fi. Customers will be able to earn TrueBlue points, as well as cruise loyalty points (including Mosaic qualifying points). Visit for more information, or call 1-844-JB-VACAY to speak with a team of 24/7 vacation planning specialists that can assist you with every element of your next cruise trip.

Cruise packages will be available for sailing dates starting November 1, 2021, and will extend with JetBlue’s flight schedule, offering customers the option to purchase flight + cruise packages as the schedule extends.