Day 2:

The next day was all about driving. Read the full recap here — Test Drive: 2015 KIA K900

After quite a full day, we were treated to another fabulous dinner. This one being slightly more formal, still provided us with unique craft beer from ‘The Bruery’ (Orange County, CA) and a Tequila tasting. And… there was live Violin and Cello duo who played classic rock and pop songs. Again, a twist of familiarity on a very high brow event.


The evening ended back at the Hospitality suite, where I was able to instruct those brave enough, on the finer details of shuffle board. And in keeping with KIA’s new Matrix add campaign, there was a photo booth with the famous leather chair used by Morpheus. All told, a great experience. KIA is breaking the barriers of conformity and tradition, and doing it with style. I look forward to seeing the K900, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.