Two California icons are joining forces for an unprecedented event. Princess Cruises, the oceanic superstar recognized from the iconic Love Boat TV series, and Hollywood’s legendary Magic Castle, with its deep-rooted history in magic spanning 60 years, are collaborating for a week of magic-infused wonder. Embarking on October 7th, 2023, on the Discovery Princess, passengers will be captivated by a week-long, magic-filled voyage like no other.

Magic Castle Conjurer's Cruise on Discovery Princess

Magic Castle: Behind the Veil

For those unfamiliar with the world of illusion, Magic Castle has been the epicenter of magical arts for over six decades. Nestled in the heart of the Hollywood hills, this exclusive Victorian mansion has witnessed the making and the ascent of numerous magicians and illusionists. It has always been a realm of mystery, accessible only to its esteemed members and their privileged guests. From intimate close-up performances to grand stage illusions, each evening, there is a buffet of magical wonders on display, accompanied by the enchantment of its unique bars, dining areas, and a treasure trove of magical memorabilia.

Setting Sail with Magic Aboard

With the Magic Castle Conjurer’s Cruise, this enchantment will now be available beyond the secretive walls of the mansion. This themed seven-day voyage, taking off from Los Angeles, promises not just the allure of the ocean but also magical stops at popular coastal destinations like San Francisco, San Diego, and the picturesque Ensenada, Mexico.

Magic Beyond the Shows

Guests will not just witness magic; they will live it! From top-notch performances by elite magicians in the Princess Theater and the ship’s popular spots like the Piazza to magical workshops for eager learners.

The curious can delve into the “Taste of Magic,” sampling magic-inspired cocktails, or witness the “Magic of Cooking” demonstration. The journey also promises a taste of history with the Magic Castle’s collection on display, themed cocktail parties, brunches, dinners, and even specially curated films under the starlit sky. And, for those intrigued by the legacy of Magic Castle, a specially curated session with its founding family is on the itinerary.

Erika Larsen, president of Magic Castle Enterprises, encapsulated the essence of this magical voyage, stating, “The cruise is a true celebration of the magical arts, connecting magicians from our acclaimed community with enthusiasts. We look forward to sharing the magic upon the stunning Discovery Princess.”

The Ship of Wonders

The Discovery Princess isn’t just a ship – it’s a world in itself. From delectable dining to a luxe spa and an array of entertaining options, it ensures the journey is as enchanting as the magic shows themselves. And, while on land, the journey only intensifies with excursions to renowned wineries, historic sites, and mesmerizing Pacific landscapes.

Book Before the Magic Disappears

The Magic Castle Conjurer’s Cruise isn’t just a cruise – it’s an experience, a journey into the world of illusion and wonder. It’s an invitation to step into a world where magic is real, and wonder is around every corner. So, for everyone who believes in magic, and even those who don’t, it’s time to reserve your spot. After all, in the world of magic, opportunities like this can disappear in the blink of an eye.