How often do you travel? Do you travel with your family or is it for a corporate meeting? Well, no matter what the nature of the travel is, the ethos is always to make sure that the journey is safe and comfortable.

When comfort comes in mind, then Marriott successfully qualifies as the top-notch choice for staying and accommodation. This chain of hotels has been serving customers for the last 91 years. Moreover, as a veteran chain in the hospitality industry, customers have a wide array of services to avail now.

Why choose Marriott?

Marriott hotel in the heart of the city

Marriott hotels are famous for all the right reasons in the hotel industry. Not only do they provide comfort but also offer an enjoyable experience of a lifetime. Somebody who has stayed at one of their hotels will very likely be willing to revisit the place more than once.

With world-class facilities in hand and brilliant customer service, this chain of hotels continues to intrigue us with everything that it has on the service palette. If you are looking for hotels in the Marriott brand, then keep one thing in mind that you surely will not find an inch of excellent customer service going down.

How to book in advance?

All hotels that fall under the Marriott category have their personalized websites where one can easily register in advance. Moreover, these hotels also provide pick up services from the airport. If you are about to travel to a different country on account of a corporate meeting, then you can book a luxury suite in advance and also subscribe to pick up from the airport.

Did you know?

Marriott is the largest international chain of hotels in the world. It is a diverse hospitality company that manages multiple a broad range of hotels in different countries. Owing to its world-class facilities and sky-high services, this chain of hotels should be on your top list if you want to enhance your travel experience.

What is the Marriott Bonvoy Program?

For how long have you been associated with Marriott? Are you looking forward to pursuing long term services by the largest chain of hotels? If yes, then we have something exciting for you to know. If you want to know how the Marriott Bonvoy program works then continue reading.

There are six levels of status that are inclusive of three-lifetime levels. With this program in hand, one can boost their travel experience by earning points that will add up and allow the person to avail certain facilities. Let me quickly let you know about the different statuses:

  • Member Status
  • Silver Elite Status
  • Gold Elite Status
  • Platinum Elite Status
  • Titanium Elite Status
  • Ambassador Elite Status
  • Lifetime Status

Instead of going into the details of each of the statutes mentioned above, it is better if you register for this program to see first-hand all of the different exciting offers.


Lastly, there’s nothing like a great stay in a world-class hotel. Most trips might not be as exciting as one imagines them to be; however with a good staying point in the middle, one can easily suffice for the chaos of the tour. Marriott hotels always stand in the front row to serve their customers with top-notch services and the best facilities in hand. If you are about to set out on a trip to a different destination and haven’t booked any place for your stay, then Marriott is a great option.