There’s nothing more exciting than planning your next big trip, but if you want it to be unforgettable then you should take your time to make sure you’ve thought about everything. As we’ll discuss in this article, a little bit of preparation can go a long way to make your travels absolutely extraordinary.

Mount Nimbus Via Ferrata Bridge
Me walking across the via Ferrata bridge like a champ

Do your research.

Spontaneous trips are fun. But do you know what’s even more fun than spontaneity? Planning. Yes, you might be rolling your eyes, but think of it this way: would you rather spend some time doing boring planning and preparation to have an incredible vacation or jet off at the last minute and miss out on heaps of fantastic opportunities? If you do your research before a big trip then you’ll be able to ensure that you see and do everything you possibly could. You’ll make your money and time go further. You might see suggestions for some hidden gems that you wouldn’t have found if you flew off to another city without doing any research. You might be able to find recommendations for the best restaurants so that you don’t have to waste time searching for places to eat once you actually arrive at a town or city. Getting the planning out of the way before you travel is always the smartest idea. It means you can relax and enjoy your trip.

This doesn’t just apply to the things you do on your trip. It applies to accommodation and transportation too. You could waste a heap of money on an expensive hotel, or you could check out sites such as Airbnb and Hostelworld to find much cheaper accommodation options of identical (or better) quality. After all, many hosts on Airbnb throw in extra perks to entice potential guests; they might leave out breakfast food, wine, and other luxuries that you’d have to buy separately at a hotel. As for your transport, you should definitely use price comparison websites. But if you want to make your trip unforgettable then you might want to look into fun ways of getting around. Maybe you could check out hot air balloon rides or arrange for a limo to pick you up from the airport (especially if you’ve saved some money on accommodation). And how much does it cost to charter a private jet? That’s a good question. Not as much as you might think, but it’d certainly be an unforgettable way to land in a new place.

Pack smartly.

Again, spontaneity is not the key here. If you want to have an unforgettable trip for all the right reasons then pack smartly. There’s nothing worse than reaching a new destination and suddenly remembering that you’ve forgotten something vital. Plan ahead in this regard and you’ll have saved yourself some stress when you arrive at your destination. You also won’t have to spend the entire plane journey worrying about whether or not you’ve brought everything you need. For starters, make sure you’ve packed sensible clothing for the trip in question. Warm clothes are always the safest bet. They’re well-suited to cold climates but even warmer countries have air conditioning in every building. You might find that a trusty jacket or one pair of jeans, at the very least, will come in handy. Plus, you don’t want to be wearing shorts when you return to the cold climate of your home country. Beyond clothes, you should think of the gadgets that’ll help you on your travels. Portable power is a must-have when you’re out all day. You don’t want your phone to run out of power before you get the chance to take an iconic picture with your buddies.

Planning your travel

Plan your own excursions.

A lot of people opt for tours when they visit new places, but it’s always much better to plan your own excursions. Not only is it much cheaper to explore a new town or city by yourself but you’ll find that you have much more time to see everything too. You won’t be slowed down by a big group of people or a guide who spends too much time dawdling and rambling about different things. You can discover a destination for yourself. You’ll have much more time to see things, and you’ll have more fun whilst you do so. It gives you a bit more freedom to truly experience a new place. If you’re looking for an unforgettable time on your next big trip then you should definitely take the independent approach to exploring. Again, referring back to the initial point in this article, just make sure that you do some research ahead of your travels. Find out the prices for entry to different museums or galleries. Make sure you know the closing times of any parks or public areas. It’ll help you avoid disappointment. A little bit of planning ahead means you can relax and enjoy your trip much more.