Vacation in Luxury on the Amalfi Coast at Monastero Santa Rosa

You know those pictures of places that are so gorgeous they make you think to yourself that it MUST be completely inaccessible. That there’s no way it’s a location that you yourself could possibly go because, if it were that easy, why wouldn’t the entire world just spend all of their time there? As you can see, Monastero Santa Rosa is one of those places. And, good news(!), vacationing there is completely doable.

Monastero Santa Rosa Infinity Pool

Monastero Santa Rosa Balcony Suite

Now a luxury boutique hotel and spa, Monastero Santa Rosa was originally a monastery built in the 17th century. Between its prime location along the prized Italian Amalfi Coast and positively incredible view, it’s hard to believe it was allowed to become ruined before the resort opened in 2012. In addition to unbelievable views of the Mediterranean, guests can expect to enjoy newly renovated elements of the resort including a spectacular cliffside infinity pool; aromatic herb-scented gardens; absolutely amazing food that incorporates seasonal, local, artisanal ingredients; and an unparalleled spa that boasts vaulted ceilings and rustic walls. Speaking to the spa for a moment, it’s important to note that some of these treatments are to die for. They have their Polline Hydration Facial that uses pollen and extra-virgin olive oil, an Iris Aromatic Powder Scrub with warm iris oil an aloe-infused cream, and Arnica Body Wraps to help with aches and pains, just to name a few. There’s literally not one thing you could experience here that wouldn’t make you feel completely pampered and relaxed.

Amalfi Coast

So, if you were planning to venture to the Amalfi Coast sometime soon, or just wanted to feel like you were living in a painting, Monastero Santa Rosa is definitely a place you look into. Just promise you’ll take me with you when you go.

Monastero Santa Rosa - Rosa Suite

Monastero Santa Rosa Cabanas

Monastero Santa Rosa Garden Paths

Monastero Santa Rosa Treatment Room

Monastero Santa Rosa Outdoor Treatment

Monastero Santa Rosa Swing

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