I was recently asked to describe what my perfect day in Los Angeles would look like. Where would I go, what would I eat, and how would I get there? Believe it or not, this took a lot of thought. Just because I live in one of the coolest cities in the World doesn’t mean I have my finger on the pulse of everything that’s hot.

Thankfully, I had a little help. My friends at Ford sent over a new web series to help give me some inspiration, and the premiere episode just so happens to take place in Los Angeles. It’s called Taste Buds and it stars Krissy and Jessica who, with the help of a Ford Edge, cruise around their hometown showcasing some of their favorite places to visit. Everything from clothes to food. Watch the entire first episode of Taste Buds below featuring the awesome Bri Emery of Design Love Fest:

Perfect Day in Los Angeles

So what does my perfect day in Los Angeles look like? I would probably start off near the beach — Venice to be exact. There’s a great breakfast spot called Flake on Rose ave. that you have to try. Get the Super Cro-Jo, you won’t regret it.

Flake Super Cro-Jo Sandwich
Super Cro-Jo Breakfast Sanwich at Flake in Venice, CA

After I get my breakfast, and much needed caffeine, I would head down to the beach to do a little long boarding. This is a short walk from Flake and a great way to avoid paying for parking. If long boarding isn’t your thing there are plenty of bike rental shops on the strip.

On the way back to the car from the beach there is a great local restaurant with a killer beer menu called, Venice Ale House. Great place to fill up and mingle the Venice locals before jumping in the car to the next destination. They have a great all-day brunch menu.

Venice Ale House

After spending most of my morning and early afternoon on the west side, I would switch it up and head east for dinner and entertainment. Here a few things I might do along the way:

To end off my perfect day in Los Angeles I would meet some friends at Delancy in Hollywood for dinner and drinks. By far one of the best places in Los Angeles to grab pizza, among other delicious entrees. I highly recommend you try the Stanton and Greenwich, and then report back to thank me, because they will blow your mind.

Delancey in Hollywood

Delancey Hollywood Pizza

This is just my example of a perfect day in Los Angeles, what’s yours? If you have some favorite places you think I should visit then leave them in the comments below. And if you loved the Taste Buds premiere episode as much as I did, make sure you check them out on social media:




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