Celestyal, the award-winning cruise company, has joined forces with National Geographic to bring you a series of extraordinary day tours that will take you off the beaten path and into the heart of Greece and Croatia.

National Geographic Day Tours

Led by expert guides trained by National Geographic, these one- and half-day tours are designed to immerse you in the local culture and natural beauty of each destination. From the birthplace of the Olympic Games to the ancient streets of Dubrovnik, and from the stunning beaches of Rhodes to the tranquil countryside of Croatia, every tour is a journey of discovery and wonder.

Explore the Unseen

  • Athens: Uncover the secrets of the Olympic Games, from ancient ruins to modern-day triumphs, and meet a former Olympic athlete who will share their inspiring story.
  • Dubrovnik: Delve into the world of traditional embroidery, savor the flavors of oyster farming, and capture the city’s breathtaking beauty through the lens of a National Geographic photography guide.
  • Rhodes: Venture off the beaten path to discover hidden gems, explore the fascinating world of bees, and experience the magic of marine biology.

Travel with a Purpose

These tours aren’t just about sightseeing – they’re about immersing yourself in the local culture, supporting sustainable tourism, and giving back to the communities you visit. Every tour meets the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria, and your booking supports the National Geographic Society’s vital work in exploration, research, and education.

As Lee Haslett, Chief Commercial Officer at Celestyal, puts it, “These tours are a game-changer. They offer a unique chance to experience the authentic Greece and Croatia, while also supporting local communities and sustainable tourism practices. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore, discover, and give back!”