Mae Nam beach, on the northern coastline of Samui, is a wide sand crest, with calm water, excellent for swimming and sailing. It lies in the shade of a coconut grove, and is known as a true island paradise.

The Santiburi Beach Resort And Spa has occupied this shoreline for 25 years, with villas and suites offering peace and privacy. It also is the island’s only member of Leading Hotels of The World.

Recently however, Koh Samui’s Santiburi Beach Resort & Spa just completed an extensive £20 Million Pound ($25M) renovation, that includes a complete refurbishing of its Bhawa Spa. The Spa offers contemporary treatments and therapies drawing upon the wisdom of Southern Thai massage as well as ancient healing techniques from Japan and Tibet.

Santiburi Beach Resort and Spa

This type of wellness combines modern and ancient massage techniques, using local ingredients, like coconut, rice, betel leaves and Thai silk.  Facilities also include a Turkish massage table and shower therapy room, indoor baths, outdoor deep soaking tubs and traditional Thai massage rooms.

As a signature specialty at Santiburi Resort & Spa, guests may also be treated by Reiki master Martina who initiated into REIKI, a hands on healing technique, widely known for its physical and psychological benefits. She offers guests the experience Tibetan Energy Balancing, also known as Chakra Balancing, a gentle massage of the back, from the neckline to the base of the spine that involves the transfer of powerful spiritual energy. She was personally initiated in this Shamanic tradition by the Dalai Lama in India. The positive effects of this type of restorative work include stress release, and the re-purposing of self-healing energy.

The renovation of Santiburi Beach Resort and Spa brings a deeper, dual wellness to the guest, as the resort environment harmonizes with the spa treatments, allowing the most serene type of ME time, ever.