As someone always on the lookout for unique and immersive travel experiences, my curiosity and excitement were piqued upon hearing about the opening of Paintrock Canyon Ranch in the breathtaking Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. This 80,000-acre luxury guest ranch promises an adventure that combines the thrill of ranch life with the indulgence of luxury accommodations and gourmet cuisine, all nestled within the pristine wilderness of northern Wyoming. The thought of waking up in a safari-style tent surrounded by nature, yet with all the comforts of home, is simply irresistible.

With prices starting at $3,950 per person for a 5-night Ranch Vacation or a 7-night Pack Trip, including all meals, lodging, and a plethora of activities, the value seems unmatched. The idea of days filled with horseback riding across diverse terrains, learning about ancient petroglyphs, and fly fishing in some of the best spots in Wyoming, followed by evenings under the stars, is something out of my wildest dreams.

Why Paintrock Canyon Ranch Calls to Me

Safari style tents at Paintrock Canyon Ranch
Credit: Rebecca Stumpf, @rebeccastumpf

There’s something about the blend of adventure and luxury that speaks directly to my soul. The accommodations sound divine—large, safari-style tents stylishly furnished to provide the utmost comfort in the wilderness. The private chef-prepared meals, featuring Ranchlands beef and local produce, promise a culinary journey that complements the physical and spiritual adventures awaiting outside.

Private chef at Paintrock Canyon Ranch
Credit: Rebecca Stumpf, @rebeccastumpf

Ranchlands’ new venture into the heart of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains, with its stark contrast to their Colorado ranches, intrigues me. The diverse landscapes, from deep orange and burgundy sandstone hills to high mountain meadows and pine forests, offer a rich palette of natural beauty. And the wildlife—elk, deer, turkey, bobcat—promises sightings that will make any nature lover’s heart race.

The activities tailored for guests at Paintrock Canyon Ranch, from exploring the ranch’s ecosystem on horseback to the immersive Pack Trips into the Bighorn National Forest, offer exactly the type of experiences I seek. The opportunity to ride out to Ranchlands cow camp and spend a day with the ranch team adds an authentic touch that I deeply appreciate in my travels.

Ranchlands packtrips
Credit: @dellpickles

For anyone who dreams of marrying the rustic charm of ranch life with the beauty of the Wyoming wilderness and the comfort of luxury accommodations, Paintrock Canyon Ranch seems like a dream destination. The founders’ vision for guests to leave with a deep understanding of the area’s rich history and the role of ranching in restoring natural resources is something I eagerly want to support and be a part of.

My anticipation for a visit to Paintrock Canyon Ranch grows with every detail I learn about it. It’s not just a vacation; it’s an experience that promises growth, adventure, and serenity. I can’t wait to plan my trip to this unique destination, where I’m sure I’ll make memories to last a lifetime. To anyone else who feels the call of the wild paired with the allure of comfort, I suggest keeping an eye on this gem in the Bighorn Mountains. It’s at the top of my list, and perhaps it should be on yours too.