With the 151st Open at the Royal Liverpool Golf Club underway and an audience of 200 PerryGolf guests eagerly watching the tournament, the timing couldn’t be better for a thrilling announcement. PerryGolf reveals that their 2024 British Isles golf cruise, encompassing 6 (or 3) marquee rounds and weekend attendance to the 152nd Open at Royal Troon, is already 94% booked. This surge in demand is indicative of a wider trend in international golf travel where bookings are made much further in advance than they used to be.

PerryGolf Unveils 2025 British Isles Golf Cruise

According to PerryGolf President & Co-Founder Gordon Dalgleish, despite the setbacks faced by the cruising industry during the pandemic, the sector has bounced back impressively. PerryGolf is experiencing a significant increase in golf cruise bookings, dispelling any lingering negative sentiment around cruising. To keep up with the demand, PerryGolf is pleased to announce the launch of its 2025 flagship voyage, the British Isles Golf Cruise. This luxury journey includes 6 (or 3) marquee golf rounds, a weekend at The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush Golf Club, Northern Ireland, and an early booking offer for the best selection of 46 suites with balcony and butler service onboard the small-sized Azamara ships.

Catering to Golf Enthusiasts: A Myriad of Choices

The British Isles Golf Cruise holds a special place in PerryGolf’s annual portfolio of approximately 20 worldwide departures. In 2025, the cruise will host 75-80 like-minded golfing couples on a 13-night voyage from Southampton to Edinburgh. The itinerary is beautifully curated, incorporating four overnights in port and cultural experiences in cities like Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee.

The cruise offers two distinct 6-Round Golf Programs as well as two 3-Round “Golf Lite” Programs, providing an attractive selection for guests. Whether you’re a seasoned golf player or someone who enjoys the occasional swing, PerryGolf caters to all. Courses include iconic locations like Royal Birkdale and Hillside in England, to Prestwick, Turnberry, Carnoustie, and Kingsbarns in Scotland. Additionally, all packages incorporate Saturday and Sunday attendance to The Open at Royal Portrush, promising a complete golfing experience.

Partnering with Azamara for Luxury and Comfort

Azamara Journey cruise ship

Since 2011, PerryGolf has been partnering with Azamara, an upmarket cruise line renowned for their small-sized ships that are perfect for premium docking positions at smaller ports. These ships accommodate fewer than 700 passengers, ensuring that each guest experiences luxury accommodation, fine dining, and live entertainment in a comfortable setting. The 46 suites with a balcony and butler service are in high demand, so booking early is recommended for securing the best suite at the best price.

Highlight of the Journey: The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush

The sightseeing highlight of the British Isles Golf Cruise is the weekend attendance at The 153rd Open at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland. PerryGolf provides private transportation for guests between the ship and The Open on Saturday and Sunday, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable experience.

The 2025 British Isles Golf Cruise offers an unparalleled golfing journey, wrapped in luxury and comfort. For more details on pricing, current offers, and detailed itinerary, visit PerryGolf.com/TheOpen2025. Your unforgettable voyage to the British Isles with PerryGolf awaits!