Italian coffee giant Lavazza becomes the Official Coffee Partner of Princess Cruise

Princess Cruises is elevating the coffee experience for its guests by partnering with the renowned Italian coffee brand, Lavazza. With a rich history spanning over 120 years, Lavazza has become synonymous with exceptional quality and the essence of authentic Italian coffee.

Princess Cruises and Lavazza Join Forces for an Unforgettable Coffee Experience at Sea

The International Café, located in the heart of Princess Cruises’ legendary Princess Piazza, is the go-to spot for guests to enjoy their morning coffee. Recognizing the importance of this daily ritual, the cruise line is taking it to the next level by incorporating Lavazza‘s exceptional coffee offerings. John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the alignment between the two brands’ dedication to quality and enhancing guest experiences.

Starting this spring, Lavazza’s premium coffee options will be introduced across the entire Princess fleet. In addition to serving hot coffee selections, the partnership will also feature Lavazza’s convenient Ready-to-Drink cans. But the collaboration doesn’t stop at providing delicious coffee; Lavazza and Princess Cruises will work together to create a range of coffee-inspired experiences, including expertly crafted dinners and recipes, informative sessions, tastings, food pairings, and sampling events.

The joint venture also extends to marketing campaigns, promotions, and exclusive events, showcasing the synergy between Princess Cruises and Lavazza in their commitment to quality, innovation, and entertainment. Camille Vareille, Vice President – Head of Marketing Americas at Lavazza Group, shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating that the partnership aims to offer an elevated coffee program and introduce Lavazza’s premium products to a wider, international audience.

As Princess Cruises and Lavazza embark on this exciting partnership, guests can look forward to indulging in a truly memorable coffee experience while cruising the world in style. With both brands focused on elevating the onboard experience, passengers are sure to relish the exceptional taste of Italy’s finest coffee as they create unforgettable memories on their Princess Cruises vacation.