The luxury cruise industry witnessed yet another magnificent addition as Riverside Luxury Cruises unveiled the Riverside Ravel. With a grand christening ceremony in the picturesque town of Viviers, France, the ship is all set to redefine luxury on the Rhône River.

A Royal Christening in Viviers

Anouchka Gerlach christened the Riverside Ravel in a festive ceremony

Riverside Ravel party appetizers

August 16th became a historic day for Viviers, as it hosted the christening of the Riverside Ravel. The honor of christening the ship was bestowed upon its godmother, Anouchka Gerlach, the co-founder of Riverside Luxury Cruises. The festivities captured the charm of the medieval town, setting the perfect stage for the ship’s inaugural sailing.

Riverside Luxury Cruises: A Family Legacy

Hamburg saw the birth of a luxury cruise giant when siblings Anouchka and Gregor Gerlach founded Riverside Luxury Cruises in late 2022. While the Riverside Ravel marks the second ship under the brand’s banner, its elder sibling, Riverside Mozart, is currently making waves on the Danube. With the Riverside Ravel, guests can expect a continuation of the standard-setting luxury river cruising with which Riverside Luxury Cruises has become synonymous.

Embarking on the French Odyssey

The Riverside Ravel will offer a breathtaking journey along the Rhône River, stretching between Lyon and Arles. But it’s not just the scenic beauty that the ship promises. From delectable regional cuisine to meticulously crafted shore experiences, the cruise promises a deep dive into the French way of life. Anouchka Gerlach’s pride in the new venture is palpable. “We are delighted that with the launch of Riverside Ravel we can now offer our guests the French way of life,” she remarked. The culinary experience onboard will specifically pay homage to the regions the ship sails through.

Redefining Luxury on Water

What makes the Riverside Ravel stand out? Its commitment to providing an unparalleled luxurious experience. Guests aboard will be treated to exemplary food and beverage options, top-notch service, and a curated list of excursions and wellness offerings. Adding to the grandeur, the ship boasts elegant all-suite accommodations. And the cherry on top? A personalized butler service for every guest onboard, ensuring royal treatment throughout the journey.

As I eagerly anticipate my upcoming journey on the Riverside Ravel, the thrill of boarding the ship after its grand christening ceremony is palpable. Venturing southbound from the enchanting South of France, I can only imagine the majestic vistas, quaint riverside towns, and the unparalleled luxury that awaits me onboard. The winding waters of the Rhône, paired with Riverside Ravel’s promise of an exquisite voyage, truly make this an adventure of a lifetime. Here’s to embarking on an unforgettable French odyssey!