This year, I had the incredible opportunity to jump aboard the Riverside Ravel from Riverside Luxury Cruises to give you a firsthand look at the lavish offerings of this ship. From retracting bars to gourmet dining experiences, the Riverside Ravel is redefining river cruising in a grand style. And guess what? I’ve captured it all in a video for you!

Riverside Ravel Ship Tour

A heartfelt thank you to my invaluable collaborators on this video: Harrison Liu as the man behind the camera and producer, and Deborah Hamilton-Lynne, who expertly kept us on track in her role as a producer as well.

Redefining River Cruising

One of the standout features aboard the Riverside Ravel is the Vista bar, uniquely positioned on the Vista deck. Unlike many river cruises, this ship has ingeniously designed a retracting bar to accommodate the cruise’s movement through locks. After a day filled with excursions and delightful dinners, there’s nothing like winding down at the Vista bar, cocktail in hand, enjoying the serene beauty of the south of France.

But that’s not all. The Riverside Ravel boasts of the Palm Court for mingling nights, the Ravel Bistro for those quick gourmet bites and delightful coffee, and for the true gastronome, the Vintage Room offers a seven-course meal paired with exquisite wines by the ship’s sommelier. The ship is not just about the gourmet experiences, though. There’s a fitness center, a lavish spa treatment room, and even a handy laundry room for those who wish to travel light.

More than Just a Room

Accommodations aboard the Riverside Ravel are nothing short of extravagant. The Ravel Suite, the highest-grade suite available, is a haven of luxury. With a vast living area, a double vanity bathroom, a spacious bedroom, and all the modern amenities you can imagine, it is designed to make you feel right at home while you sail the rivers.

To see a different suite from the ship, check out my video below and read my post Riverside Ravel Suites: Everything You Need to Know.

River cruising in the south of France has been elevated to a whole new level with the Riverside Ravel. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious sailing experience, gourmet delights, or just the serene beauty of France, this ship has it all. Don’t just take my word for it, watch the video and immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Riverside Ravel.

Hope to see you aboard on my next journey!