There’s something inherently magical about the sea—the salty air, the boundless horizon, and the promise of new adventures around every bend. And for those who crave this magic with a touch of luxury, the news from Unforgettable Travel Group is as refreshing as a sea breeze. They’ve just announced a significant expansion in their offerings with a new dedicated cruise division, aptly named “Cruise 365”.

Meet Simon Leeming: The New Captain of the Cruise Division

Simon Leeming Joins Unforgettable Travel
Simon Leeming. Image credit: Unforgettable Travel Group

Simon Leeming has stepped aboard as the Cruise Product and Commercial Manager at Unforgettable Travel Group. With a robust background from Tripsmiths, where he designed unique and exclusive travel experiences, Leeming is no stranger to the luxury travel industry. His previous tenures include significant roles at Cosmos, Monarch Holidays, and Superbreak, accumulating over 17 years of experience. His appointment signals a promising horizon for the new cruise division.

What to Expect from Cruise 365

Under Leeming’s guidance, Cruise 365 is poised to redefine the luxury cruising landscape. The division focuses on a year-round calendar of cruise products, offering new destinations and various styles of cruising—from adventurous expedition sailings and serene river cruises to lavish yacht-style ocean trips. With an emphasis on small ships that accommodate fewer than 500 passengers, these cruises are designed to offer a more personalized and intimate experience.

Simon Leeming shares his enthusiasm, “This is a very exciting time as we look to take advantage of the unprecedented growth and diversification of the luxury cruising market. I look forward to enhancing our current small ship offerings with unforgettable cruising packages.”

Expanding the Unforgettable Fleet

Graham Carter, the Chief Commercial Officer at Unforgettable Travel Group, expressed his excitement about adding Simon to the team.

“We have over 5,000 guests who enjoy luxury small-ship cruises in Croatia every summer. With Simon spearheading this new program, it will ensure these guests continue their found enjoyment of a holiday at sea within the Unforgettable family brands.”

The move not only enriches their already impressive portfolio but also bolsters their ability to cater to a discerning clientele looking for unique, high-end cruise experiences throughout the year.

The Strategic Vision Behind the Scene

Simon will report to Isabel Norman-Butler, head of product, who joined the team last month. The strategic expansion of the team, now boasting over 25 product managers and destination specialists, underscores Unforgettable Travel Group’s commitment to leading the charge in luxury travel innovation.

For those who dream of exploring the world’s rivers and oceans without forsaking comfort and exclusivity, Unforgettable Travel’s new cruise offerings promise to deliver just that. This expansion is not just about adding new ships to their fleet—it’s about creating memories that, much like the oceans, are vast and enduring.