In my ongoing journey to experience the latest in travel, I was thrilled to learn about Princess Cruises‘ latest announcement. Hold on to your hats, folks, because the world of cruising just got a whole lot more magical!

Hollywood Magic meets Victorian Elegance

I’ve always been fascinated by the mysteries of magic, and Princess Cruises is set to elevate that intrigue with their latest collaboration with Hollywood’s renowned icon, Magic Castle. Named Spellbound by Magic Castle, this venture is destined to charm guests aboard the soon-to-debut Sun Princess in early 2024. Imagine an immersive Victorian-inspired realm where magic intertwines with mixology. This is exactly what Spellbound promises to offer, and I, for one, cannot wait!

Behind the Unassuming Door

Hidden in plain sight, Spellbound is situated behind an inconspicuous door on the majestic new ship. Those fortunate enough to step through will find themselves entranced by prodigious magicians, thematically delightful rooms, and cocktail service that’s, quite literally, performed with a flourish of magic. Just envision sipping on a drink that appeared right before your eyes, delivered by sleight-of-hand servers. Now that’s a cocktail party I want an invite to!

John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises, expressed his enthusiasm: “This collaboration with The Magic CastleTM takes entertainment into new dimensions with an extraordinary experience that combines the allure of magic with the thrill of cruising.”

A Glimpse of Hollywood’s Magic Castle

Spellbound isn’t merely a whimsical bar; it’s an homage to Hollywood’s exclusive Magic Castle, a place of legend and wonder. Stepping inside, guests will be greeted by ornate décor, magical artifacts, and vintage oddities. Not to mention special effects that react and interact, further blurring the line between reality and magic.

Spellbound by Magic Castle onboard Sun Princess

The Magic Castle’s essence is alive and well within Spellbound. Guests will traverse a Music Room filled with mysterious artifacts and paintings designed to pique one’s curiosity. And a highlight for me will surely be meeting the spirit of Isabella, who’ll regale visitors with tales of her voyages on the Sun Princess.

A Venue of Awe and Amazement

Erika Larsen, president of Magic Castle Enterprises, shares that this unique venture will offer Princess guests a sample of the world-class magic the Hollywood venue is famed for. And let me tell you, this is no mere parlor trick. A 30-seat theater awaits guests for an intimate magic experience, one that promises to be both profound and unforgettable.

The Grand Debut

Spellbound by Magic Castle will officially open its doors on the Sun Princess in February 2024. And while specific details like operating hours and pricing are still under wraps, one thing’s for certain: this promises to be an experience like no other.

The Sun Princess will begin her maiden voyages in 2024, touring the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Caribbean. For those itching to know more or to get a glimpse of this beauty, you can visit

I for one hope to be one of the first to experience this magic concept at sea. Happy sailing, friends!