If you are eager to spend 2020 planning your next travel adventure in 2021, the chances are that you are after an all-immersive experience. Traveling can be one of life’s most fulfilling pursuits. You can immerse yourself in new cultures, learn new languages, see new vistas, and make new friends. Travel gives you the chance to learn more about yourself and to be a more tolerant, calm, and learned individual. At the same time, you can have a whole lot of fun along the way. Personalizing your travel adventure will be the most wonderful way to ensure that you get the most out of your next trip across the world.

Where To Go

Far flung shores and off the beaten track hidden gems are what travel is all about. You might fancy heading to the Far East where you can embrace a new culture with open arms. Temple hopping around the beautiful city of Kyoto in Japan could be just one point on your multi stop tour of Japan. Venture to Iceland and you could hunt for the Northern Lights and tick off a natural phenomenon from your bucket list. Consider the sort of adventure you want and allow this to dictate where you go.

The mode of travel can also be personalised. While people love flying to a destination usually, others enjoy a more sedate approach to travel and see their mode of transport as part of their holiday. Train travel is seeing renewed interest as you can take in heaps of unspoiled scenery from the comfort of your own seat or carriage.

Friendships Formed

Personalize your travel experience by learning the language of the destination you are hot footing it to. Doing this will open up a whole host of new doors to you. Firstly, locals will really appreciate that you are conversing with them in their own language. While your pronunciation may be poor, the effort will be valued. This means that you can form friendships and bonds with the locals you meet. You’ll be able to head to the eateries that they do, you won’t ever have to worry about asking for an English menu ever again, and you can invite friends to return to your home nation. You never know, it is not unheard of for travelers to embark on a personalized adventure only to return with a life partner in tow. If this happens to you, check out opportunities for indefinite leave to remain to allow your travel soulmate to stay with you.

Personalizing Your Travel Adventure


Forget about going on an organised tour – these are wholly impersonal. Instead, self plan your trip. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy every moment of every day when you venture abroad. Organised tours will always have times when you are bored or sit out an activity because you aren’t interested. Instead, self planning gives you the chance to book the bungee jump, to head snowshoeing, and to do more sightseeing in capital cities. You won’t have time restraints and you can be the master of your own journey.

Travel is exciting! Follow this guide and ensure that you get the most out of your jaunt in 2021.