Georgetown is a cool, eclectic neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, and the home to Charles Smith Wines Jet City.  I had the pleasure of spending some time there while visiting Charles Smith Wines and even had the rare chance to explore the neighborhood with Charles. Below you will find a guide of things to do in Georgetown, Seattle, from the award-winning winemaker himself. Check it out!

Where to Drink: Georgetown Brewery

Georgetown Brewery makes the famous Manny’s Pale Ale and Roger’s Pilsner. They have a taproom where you can try all their beers and get growlers to go.

Georgetown Brewery

What to Eat: Zippy’s Burgers

Great wax-paper wrapped burgers. I always order the Zip Royale double cheeseburger and a milkshake made with Full Tilt Ice Cream.

Zippy's Burgers Georgetown, Seattle

Where to Shop: Georgetown Records

Georgetown Records is an independent record store. You could spend hours checking out their collection.

Georgetown Records Seattle, WA

Where to Refuel: All City Coffee

All City Coffee, where all the locals head to fuel up for the day.

All City Coffee - Georgetown, Seattle

Where to Drink: Charles Smith Wines Jet City

Experience Charles Smith’s wines, listen to music and enjoy a view of the main runways of Boeing Field along with Washington’s iconic Mount Rainer. Jet City features two tasting rooms: the main floor is designed with a rustic Northwest feel and the larger upstairs space exudes an early 60’s vibe, with a nod to Boeing aviation.

Editor’s Note: Just a short flight away is Walla Walla, WA, which you will find Charles Smith’s two other tasting rooms: Downtown Walla Wall and K Vintners Tasting Room. I highly recommend it!

Charles Smith Wines Labels

Where to Stay: Georgetown Inn

Assuming you want to stay as close to Georgetown as possible, I recommend the Georgetown Inn. It’s super affordable and just steps away from all the action happening in Georgetown. Best of all, you can take a short Uber ride to downtown Seattle.

Editor’s Note: Unlike the rest of the guide to Georgetown, this is a recommendation from us here at Joe’s Daily – not Charles Smith.

Georgetown Inn - Seattle, Washington

Where to Eat: Fonda La Catrina

When I need a quick, easy and delicious meal, I find myself at the Fonda La Catrina counter, eating Mexican food and knocking back some mezcal.

Fonda La Catrina in Seattle

Where to Drink: Star Brass

When you need a beer, tavern burger and a friendly bartender, head to Star Brass, overlooking the Georgetown Trailer Park Mall. A great place to spend a sunny afternoon.

Star Brass Lounge

Where to Shop: Fantagraphics

A unique Georgetown gem. Continuously touted as one of the best comic-book publishers in the United States.

Fantagraphics Book Store - Seattle, Washington