White Sand and Bali Beaches with AYANA’s Kubu Beach Club

Been looking to make your way to Bali this summer? Need a little luxury in your life? Are the answers to these questions ‘no’ for anyone? If you haven’t checked out AYANA Resort & Spa BALI before, now’s the time to do so, because they’ve just launched their new Kubu Beach Club. One would have thought that offering amazing oceanfront views, 19 restaurants and bars, 12 swimming pools, and world-class spa would have been enough for them. This is not the case. Because they are awesome.

The new Kubu Beach Club, located on one of the island’s last remaining hidden white sand beach coves, was inspired by the classic 1960s Kuta-styled beach clubs of Bali. It features all of the elements of Balinese architecture. With the island’s shells, stone, bamboo, native woods, and traditional rooftops (made with “lontar” leaves), the feel is definitely authentic. Driving this home, the bar itself is composed of the traditional wood, surrounded with classic memorabilia and decorated with dried corn, coconut baskets, and sea shells.

Kubu Beach Club

After you make your journey from the resort down the 197-step staircase (or just take the new inclinator if you’re looking for a more effortless approach), be prepared to spend the day relaxing there. Ocean-facing cabanas and day beds, authentic Kuta-style massages using natural coconut oil, delicious cocktails, and gorgeous views of aquamarine waters and dramatic limestone cliffs to look at while you enjoy them—if you’re looking for more, you and I are two DIFFERENT people. And when lunchtime rolls around…well. What are you in the mood for? The menu ranges from lighter dishes like snapper ceviche to traditional Balinese rice plates to local favorites. I may or may not be starving just looking at the pictures.

So, I think I’ve made my case. Or AYANA Resort & Spa BALI’s anyway. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be looking into plane tickets if you need me.

For more information on the AYANA family of resorts, and the Kubu Beach Club, visit AYANA.com.

AYANA's Kubu Beach Club Kubu Beach Club AYANA's Kubu Beach Club

AYANA's Kubu Beach Club

Photo Credit: AYANA Resort and Spa

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