We have a little treat for you. Watch as Cara Delevingne, our favorite rockstar model does a little dancing and prancing in front of the camera for Matthew Donaldson’s short for NOWNESS. The video shows a behind the scenes peek at what a photoshoot with Cara Delevingne is like. Here’s what Donaldson had to say about Cara’s carefree approach:

Cara straddles that space of being a sort of rebel but at the same time she’s establishment. She doesn’t seem to give a fuck: the perception is that she doesn’t care and she’s just being herself and having a laugh. Obviously that might not be the reality, but people’s perception is that she’s not taking it too seriously and that she’s having her cake and eating it. She’s still someone who sticks their tongue out, crosses their eyes and all the stupid stuff that she’d do anyway.