Whatever you might possibly have planned for April 6th, find a way to get out of it. Why? Game of Thrones is back and it is going to be epic. The trailer puts a very foreboding tone on what is to come in season 4 and it is obvious there will be no lack of drama, misery, and suspense.

Season 4 Plot Summary:

The War of the Five Kings is drawing to a close, but new intrigues and plots are in motion, and the surviving factions must contend with enemies not only outside their ranks, but within.

King in the North Robb Stark is dead, betrayed by his own bannermen the Boltons and Freys while he was a guest under Frey roof. Robb’s mother Catelyn and his wife Talisa, along with most of the Northern leadership were also killed at the massacre now known as the Red Wedding, along with the entire Northern army.

Having already defeated the Baratheon threat at the Battle of the Blackwater and secured southern Westeros, House Lannister stands triumphant. The crazed boy-king Joffrey Baratheon gloats, though the victory truly belongs to his grandfather, Lord Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King and the real power behind the Iron Throne. As reward for their betrayal, Tywin has granted the Boltons rule of the North, and the Freys with nominal rule of Riverrun, though the castle remains under command of “Blackfish” Tully…

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