How to Piss Off a Telemarketer

Is there anything worse than when a telemarketer calls you? It drives me insane. You feel absolutely helpless, just shaking your head in wonder thinking, “how in the heck they get my number?”

Recently my friend and fellow blogger, Jessica Gottlieb, uploaded a video to YouTube titled, ‘Call from Mark the Telemarketer in Chatsworth.’ The 4-minute long video is a conversation between Jess, and you guessed it, Mark from Chatsworth. I normally would go in depth a little more about what to expect before you watch it, but I’m almost speechless. The video and Mark’s maniacal laugh will do the talking. Let’s just say he goes off the script.

Now that you’ve watched it you can see why I had to submit it to Reddit. It went viral overnight going from a few hundred views to well over 400,000+ at the time of this article. And what could be better than an article like this going viral? The parodies of course.

Creepy Telemarketer Phone Call in Scream

We never find out what Mark the telemarketer in Chatsworth is selling, but I assure you it is nothing less than spectacular. Mark if you’re reading this, I hope to hear from you soon.

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