Usually secret shows are an opportunity to strike gold. Granted that’s not always the case, but if you and only about 200 hundred other you’s get to experience an intimate concert of a band whose standard attendance is stadium sized only, you’ve done well. That’s what happened to these lucky folks as they got to be surprised with one of the greatest rock legends, simply known as KISS.

We all know these musician guys take their work seriously (as much as they can in between make out sessions with hoarding fans), but we get to see a little window into just how seriously. Their makeup is described as “War Paint”, because their going to war. That’s where the John Varvatos tie in seems to make a lot of sense. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you’re dressed to the part, and that may mean dressed to kill. Regardless, if Gene Simmons tells you to rock all night and party everyday, that’s what’s gonna happen.

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