Get Behind the Wheel of the New Lincoln MKC in ‘Dream Ride’

The new Lincoln MKC might inspire you. You know how that one time, that guy ran into you, and you really should have said something? What if it turned out he stole your wallet? Well then you’d probably want to say something. But, what if he takes off in a taxi? Lucky for you, you’ve got your new Lincoln MKC, so chasing him down won’t prove too difficult.

The team at Lincoln created Dream Ride, an interactive experience that allows you to jump in the passenger seat and join the pursuit for the guy that stole your friend’s wallet. While on the tail of the crook, you’re presented with all-sorts of cool features the Lincoln MKC has to offer. My personal favorite has to be the Park Out Assist, which you can see as the first feature shown upon starting the chase.

Go on your very own Dream Ride here.

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