They say plagiarism is the highest form of recognition. As it goes, Ken Block does not really need it, because countless hits on his videos prove its already popular with the public. Ford, who sponsors the artist with the amazing Ford Fiesta WRC, has not resisted exploiting the vein. But the result achieved with small means is really cool. It’s Ken Block scaled with a real flying start, endless drifts, and then an inevitable lot of quirks: in real life, Block making donuts around a Segway driver?

Here he smokes Santa in his sleigh. The scenario also aligns a fight (awesomely out of context) against a kind of yeti, killing a soldier of the Galactic Empire (a Lego man), the necessary police chase – anything goes, until the final “burn out”. In short, great short movie, probably now in the running for an Oscar for best animated short film.

Happy Holidays!