Rush Movie Poster

Most sports being by the measure of a man, a real man) have a fairly high risk component. Basically you could die. This includes but is not limited to, football (the real kind), fencing (the real kind), dueling, bear wrestling (the animal, not the state of undress) and of course racing.  Rush is based upon the true story of two rival drivers in the hay day of Formula one during the 1970’s, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Chris Hemsworth (Hunt) and Chris Hemworth’s abs (I guess Hunt’s abs), are joined by Game of Thrones’ (the new queen of King’s Landing, duh) Natalie Dormer, House’s Olivia Wilde and one Daniel Brühl (who some of you may recognize from Inglorious Bastards) as Niki Lauda. A racing movie would normally be enough to get me out, but toss in Ron Howard as the director, I will most likely see this film. It’s due out September 27th.