Many people–especially guys–enjoy watching sci-fi movies. Science fiction seems to continually generate a community of its own. It’s no wonder why: movies based on this genre give viewers the ability to explore time and space with their imaginations, as well as their fists. You also get to see some of the most distinctive-looking characters in all of cinema.

There have been many box office hits featuring men who wear black suites, including some in the sci-fi genre. Popular designers such as Brooks Brothers help make these men look their best on the screen, as well as provide the simple but memorable look of some of our favorite movie heroes. If you happen to be wondering what sci-fi movies feature men in crisp, black suits (a noble question, if you ask me), here’s a list:

Men in Black 3

1. Men in Black

Will Smith (Agent Jay) and Tommy Lee Jones (Agent Kay) are flaunting a classic no-nonsense secret agent look. Both of them try to recover something that has been stolen by the aliens; later, they find out the stolen item is the galaxy itself and humanity is in a danger of facing a war. The film stands out due to the contrast between the two agents: Agent Kay is smart and doesn’t have any emotions, while Agent Jay is enthusiastic and high-energy. This movie is sometimes credited with reanimating the comedy/sci-fi genre.

The Matrix Reloaded

2. The Matrix

Keanu Reeves (Thomas Anderson) wears a long crisp black coat along with angled sunglasses of the same color. Thomas becomes a victim of an artificial intelligence system that relies on his brain for energy, The Matrix. Codenamed ‘Neo’, he’s the only hope of breaking the Matrix and save the people who are trapped inside. To do so he must battle the infamous Agent Smith (“Mr. Anderson…”), who, it must be noted, dons an especially crisp, black suit–sometimes hundreds of them! With breath taking martial arts and visual effects, the Matrix is a science fiction masterpiece.


3. X-files

Around 25 million dollars were spent in the promotion of this science fiction suspense drama. Based on the hit TV series that sought to unravel the mysteries of the world, including UFOs, government conspiracies and paranormal activity, the X-Files picks back up with its two FBI agents in black suits, David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully).

Inception wallpaper

4. Inception

Many of you may want a black suit after watching Inception. It’s a sci-fi movie about a thief who has an extraordinary power to enter the dreams of others. Leonardo DiCaprio (Dom Cobb) can get deep into the minds of his targets, taking out information that isn’t even available to the best computer hackers. However, he loses everything and in his journey for redemption, an enemy appears with accurate knowledge of what Dom and his team are up to. A spell-bounding spectacular sci-fi you wouldn’t want to miss.


5. Equilibrium

Christian Bale (John Preston) is all suited in black in this sci-fi cautious drama. He’s responsible for finding and punishing those who break the law. He doesn’t have any emotions after taking Prozia II, a drug provided by Angus MacFadven (Dupont). One day, he forgets to take his daily dose and starts to feel emotions himself. As he discovers what’s going on, he becomes obsessed with Emily Watson (Mary O’Brian), who never took the medicine. It’s one of those better stories with a futuristic concept.

Black suits in action and science fiction films is an age-old trope that probably originated with real-life FBI and secret service agents. It has transformed over the years into the stylish uniform worn by gritty heroes and villains of all kinds.