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Star Wars Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

Carbon Fiber Stormtrooper Helmet

While the Stormtroopers may have been considered bad guys in Star Wars they are a popular icon in the real world. It may be possible to find their helmets anywhere online or in stores but it is safe to say that none are as cool as these.

Shaun Hughes Hobo Nickels

A Modern Take on the Hobo Nickel by Shaun Hughes

In case you are unaware, a hobo nickel is any kind of low denomination coin that has been artistically altered via carving. This miniature, yet impressive, art form began in the 1700’s and has seen its popularity wax and wane over time.

Star Wars Mood Lights

Star Wars Mood Lights

With the new Star Wars movie getting ready for release at the tail end of 2015, why not add some mood lighting to your space with the Star Wars Mood Lighting.