A Modern Take on the Hobo Nickel by Shaun Hughes

In case you are unaware, a hobo nickel is any kind of low denomination coin that has been artistically altered via carving. This miniature, yet impressive, art form began in the 1700s and has seen its popularity wax and wane over time. Today, Shaun Hughes (UK) chooses to implement his amazing artistic skills creating some of the most diverse and impressive modern examples of this trend. Everything from Storm Troopers to koi fish can be found in his repertoire, not to mention nearly every variation of bust imaginable. His work can be seen on deviantART.com or purchased through eBay.

Storm Trooper

Hermes Skull Hobo Nickel

Free Mason Hobo Nickel

Koi Fish Hobo Nickel

Sail Ship Hobo Nickel

Hobo Nickel by Shaun Hughes

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