These photos by Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi take playing with action figures to a whole new level. It’s hard to know where to start when describing the collection, but “awesome” and/or “hilarious” definitely feel accurate. DC, Marvel, and Star Wars characters (among others) come together in scenes ranging from trying to catch Pokémon to a group working together to operate a PlayStation controller. Other pictures use the help of special effects to make it look like the miniature heroes are crushing cans and riding motorcycles—pretty expertly, I might add. And then there’re the incredibly entertaining stories being told, which range from amazingly ridiculous to serious and contemplative.

Hot.kenobi Black Panther bike flip

Hot.kenobi - Iron Man and Captain America catching Pokemon

hotkenobi La La Land

hotkenobi Instagram

hotkenobi Playstation

Hot.kenobi Storm Trooper with Grumpy Cat

You can check out Hot.kenobi’s work on Instagram. Just be forewarned, there are currently hundreds of photos posted. So make sure you have a little time to kill before you venture over, because chances are you’re going to end up making your way to the bottom of the page.