Christmas gift ideas for men

It is almost that time of the year when everybody goes crazy about gifts. Women generally come off the season better as they seem to have the intuition about gift buying. But guys, if they do not get any help, purchase the first thing they hope could pass off as a gift. The challenge gets a bit higher when buying a present for another guy.

Thankfully, it does not have to be so difficult. We can round up three easy ideas for gifts for your guy friends. These gift ideas would hardly break the bank at all, with most of the items not even reaching $100. Which one you pick for your friends, father, son, or other guy in your life is up to what you know about their likes and hobbies.

Something Personalized

One useful gift idea that works all the time is anything bespoke. We are not just talking about tailored suits here, of course. Pretty much everything that can carry the name, initials, or monogram of the recipient could work as a personalized present.
What could set apart the item you choose for gifting from similar ones would depend on at least two factors. Those would be the extent of personalization applied to the gift and the degree of its usefulness.

With that said, those factors work like a charm for cufflinks and tie clips. These almost-minimalist accessories are fashion essentials for black-tie events and boardroom-level corporate attire. Giving a bespoke characteristic even to these items lends to a more distinguished look. And that could be a game-changing advantage for the recipient either in the company party or in the office.

Something Leather

Anything made of animal skin is arguably high-fashion. However, the beauty, durability, and range of applications of animal leather make it usually very expensive. Plus, there may be ethical considerations involved with the use of anything that is a byproduct of animals — it depends on the guy! It might just be possible that your recipient is a guy who has a passion for animal welfare and protection.

You could still get away with a stylish gift by selecting products made of vegan leather. It is a type of faux leather made from either nature-based materials, like apple peels, pineapple leaves, and other fruit waste, or recycled plastic and rubber. Guilt-free vegan leather is earth-friendly and captures the beauty of genuine animal hide at a fraction of the price.

Gifts for Men for Xmas 2019

There is a wide variety of products made from vegan leather that could up the ante of your recipient’s style. There are bags, belts, wallets, organizers, hats, jackets, pants, skirts, and shoes. What is more, these products are easily customizable by embroidery, digital printing, and laser etching.

Something Novel

You must be tired of sending out ugly sweaters as stocking stuffers. You might be considering a pair of wireless headphones, but the recipient might already have a ton of those.

Ponder no more and focus on what could be off the beaten track when it comes to gifts for guys. That does not mean that you have to conjure something mind-blowing or out of this world. As suggested by Cathy’s Concepts, it is a matter of finding out what could be useful for the recipient, but with a twist.

An acacia 6-beer carrier with an attached metal bottle opener, for example, immediately comes off as a very functional gift with a vintage vibe. A nifty twist to the beer carrier is an embedded magnet in the wood that acts as a cap catcher. Then, to top off your present, you could have the recipient’s name or initials printed or engraved on the carrier.

Take those three ideas with you when you go gift shopping. Whether you will be visiting holiday markets or doing your gift search online, you will find it tricky to know what presents to buy. You will also see how those gift ideas not only work with man gifts but for all recipients, no matter the age or gender.