City breaks are a great way to see a new country and experience a new culture, without the expense of a week-long trip. There are some places that you only need a few days in, and they’re ideal for a long weekend. But when you have limited time to explore a place, you have to be efficient, which is why you must plan properly before you go. If you’re going to be prepared and get the most out of your city break, you need to pack the right stuff. Here’s everything you need to know about packing for a city break.

Packing tips

Get The Right Bag

First things, first, you need a good bag. If you’re only going for a weekend, you probably don’t need to pay for a suitcase so that you can save yourself a bit of money. But if you’re taking hand luggage with you, you’ll need a sturdy bag, like the weekender that will see you through the whole trip. You don’t just want something that you can take on the plane, you also need something comfortable and easy to carry around with you while you are there. When you are exploring the city, you don’t want to waste time going back and forth to your hotel room, so you need a good bag that you can bring around the city with you.

Bring Comfy Shoes

City breaks involve a lot of walking, which is great because it’s one of the best ways to explore a new city. But it can take a toll on your feet if you aren’t careful. Style is important, but you should always prioritize comfort when you are picking shoes for your city break. Make sure that you have something that offers excellent support; otherwise, you’ll end up with sore feet at the end of a long day.

Check The Weather

Before you start packing your clothes, make sure to check the weather. You don’t want to fill your bag with things that you don’t need, but you can’t assume that the weather will be good just because it’s summer. See what the forecast says and pack accordingly, and maybe add one backup outfit in case the forecast is wrong. That way, you’ll be prepared for every eventuality, but you won’t fill loads of space with jumpers when it’s going to be boiling all weekend.

Pack A Portable Charger

If you are going to be out and about exploring all day long and using your phone to take photos, it’s likely that the battery will die. If you’re in an unfamiliar city, you may be relying on your phone for directions as well, so running out of battery is a big problem. That’s why a portable charger is one of the most important travel accessories for a city break. Make sure to invest in a good quality one, and don’t forget to charge it when you are back at the hotel.

If you follow these simple packing tips, you will have everything you need for a perfect city break.