These days, customers are happy to switch brands and companies for the fastest delivery. Gone are the days when consumers were loyal to their favorite brands come rain or shine; now they’re happily swapping around.

One survey showed that half of the consumers would abandon their shopping cart if the delivery options weren’t up to scratch. Nowadays, trends show that customers expect same-day delivery as the preferred option during checkouts and will shop around for this option. Businesses are missing out on a huge sector of the market by not offering a rapid delivery service. Below we explain four reasons why your business should offer same-day delivery, and how it can help boost customer loyalty and satisfaction!

Same-day delivery is cheaper

Let’s face it, everyone wants to save money, and to find a company for same day delivery is a great way to do so. For example, if you’re sending a parcel via courier, it’s likely that you’ll be charged per mile the courier travels to deliver your package. This can add up to quite a bit of money when you’re sending larger items like pallet loads.

It’s also likely that your business will be charged for each hour that the courier is out delivering goods. So by offering same-day delivery, you’ll be saving yourself money on both counts!

Increased customer satisfaction

As we mentioned above, customers are becoming more and more demanding. They want their products when they want them. They don’t want to wait for a package to arrive in the post; they want it delivered to their door as soon as possible. By offering same-day delivery, you’ll be able to meet these demands, and keep your customers happy.

In fact, a study by UPS found that 70% of online shoppers would pay more for faster delivery options. This is a huge number; if you’re able to offer this service and increase your number of orders per month, then you’ll see an increase in profits!

Same-day delivery can boost sales

We’ve already established that customers want same-day delivery. But it’s not just about getting the products to them faster; it’s also about making them feel better about your brand. A study by a group of businesses found that offering same-day delivery resulted in an increase in sales and brand loyalty. This is because customers are more likely to purchase from businesses that offer this service, knowing they’ll get their product quicker than they would with other companies. They’re also more likely to become loyal customers, because they can trust you to deliver their goods as soon as possible!

Same-day delivery can help you reach new markets

We’ve already discussed that same-day delivery can help you reach new customers and increase your sales. And it’s true; by offering the service, you’ll have more customer orders to fill. But what about reaching new markets? If you’re offered a business deal that would require you to ship products to a different country, you might be hesitant to accept it if you don’t offer this service. But if your company offers same-day delivery, then there is no reason for concern! You can quickly ship the product overseas, and your customer will get their purchase faster than they would have with other companies!