A slip and fall case involves a scenario where you slip and fall on someone else’s property injuring yourself in the process. Injuries from a slip and fall can be pretty serious, including broken bones, muscle tears, and concussions.

The central premise in a slip and fall case is that the property owners need to keep their property in a condition that promotes safety. Therefore, property owners are liable for compensation in slip and fall cases if they ignored duty of care.

The following are the steps to take if you suffer a slip and fall injury:

Steps to Take If You Suffer a Slip and Fall Injury

Call Emergency Services

A slip and fall injury can be mild, or it can be severe depending on the accident. However, it is always better to be cautious, get first aid, and call emergency services to get medical attention after such an injury.

You should especially contact emergency services if you hit your head during a slip and fall. Even if you think you are fine, head injuries are very dangerous and could have devastating consequences.

It is vital that you know the severity of your injuries based on your symptoms. Only after getting medical attention can you know how much medical care you need.

Only after you have received medical attention should you think about doing anything else.

Call a Lawyer

You should know that you can file a lawsuit against the property owner if you suffer an injury during a slip and fall accident. However, there needs to be sufficient evidence that the property owner ignored the duty of care which caused the accident.

According to Jacoby and Meyers Manhattan, the duty of care refers to the measures a property owner should take to ensure the safety of people in their building. Duty of care will include things like:

  • Keeping up with building codes.
  • Making necessary repairs.
  • Putting up signs on slippery floors.

A lawyer will be your advocate and help in holding the property owners accountable. If the case goes to court, a lawyer will be of great help in arguing your case and getting due compensation.

Investigate the Accident

You should investigate the accident scene as soon as possible to discover if there was a breach in the duty of care. Sometimes, it could be that you were wearing the wrong shoes. If there was, collect evidence of it as it will be precious when proving your case.

Many factors could contribute to a breach of care. Some of them include unsafe flooring, poor lighting or visibility, hazardous placement of cords or wires, and slippery surfaces.

You should note whether there were any witnesses present at the scene as they will help with your case. Photo and video evidence of the location are the best proof to show a breach in the duty of care.

Only by proving your case can you receive compensation for medical bills, loss of income, and any assistance you might need during recovery.

Document Everything

If you suffer a severe slip and fall injury, you should document everything you find out while investigating the accident. As said above, you will not receive any compensation if you cannot prove your case.

Therefore, write down your version of the accident as soon as you are able. Photo and video evidence should be safely stored and backed up for posterity. Jot down the names of the witnesses and their contact information. Securely store any other information you uncover about the accident that might help your case.

The key to proving that the property owner should have known about the cause of the accident and fixed it is documentation.

You need to do plenty after a slip and fall accident, but nothing is more vital than ensuring your health. If you are involved in such a scenario, ensure you follow the tips above, and all will end well. There will be minor adjustments based on your specific situation.