4 Ways To Kick Your Career Fear to the Curb

There comes a point in everyone’s career where they wonder, is this it? What used to bring them joy now fills them with dread, and they feel like they are doing the same thing week-in and week-out, with nothing to excite them anymore. The solution is to find a new job through a site similar to Salestrax.com, but this is easier said than done. As much as they might despise their current role, they still enjoy the stability, and fear of the unknown holds them back. But, if they are miserable, they deserve to find something that excites them, so here are four ways to kick career fear to the curb and take the leap into something new.

Outline Why A Change Is Essential

You can spend all day fantasizing about getting a new job, but you won’t make the right movements unless you find ways to push yourself. Outlining why a change is essential will help you recognize the signs you are stuck in a career rut and give you the impetus you need to leave.

A pros and cons list is a useful place to start, but you can also think about how you feel when you wake up every morning or even if you have been rewarded for your hard work over the past five, ten, or even fifteen years. Once you have found out why change is essential, you will feel more confident about doing something different.

Think Bigger

Even finding a new career can make things difficult. As much as you know it’s time to leave, there may not be anything close enough for you to apply to, at least not anything that represents your ability. But, a lack of local opportunities should not deter you. If you have a love of travel, consider opportunities further afar or even overseas.

While such a change is not possible for everyone, it is such a dramatic shift that it should excite you. Of course, there are other elements you need to consider like visas and a possible language barrier. Still, many international companies will have support in place to make your transition easier.

Analyze Your Best Skills

If you’re unsure what career is right for you, it’s helpful to consider your best skills and think about how you can apply these to a new role.

Curious professionals with a talent for getting stuck in problems and solving them can look at organizations like MRIGlobal and contribute to medical research and development. If you’d prefer something that makes the most of your entrepreneurial skills, trades can be a good place to start as they can teach you more skills that could lead to you starting your own business.

Find Support and Mentorship

If you’re finding it challenging to make a change or get your foot in the door, mentorship can be a substantial benefit.

Mentorship programs are ideal for career development and will help you find opportunities that would be unavailable otherwise. You may be able to find this support in your current role and use their contacts to network to find a new job.

Kicked to the Curb

A career change is always a considerable shift in your life, especially if you’re required to start from the very bottom. However, as you spend most of your waking hours working, you may as well enjoy what you do. With these tips, you can finally get over the fear and look for a career that you will love.


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