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Concord is a fundamentally friendly, welcoming city, with crime rates placing it as the 15th safest in the state of North Carolina.

However, like any urban area it’s worth being cautious if you’ve never visited before. There are a few ways to go about this, so let’s talk about the best tactics for safety in the center of the city.

Do your research

It’s not wise to rock up in any new location without doing a little research into it before your arrival. Concord is no different, and while it might have a modest population of around 100,000, it’s still better to go in prepared.

Scrutinize a map of the central areas so that you’ve got a sense of the lay of the land. That way you won’t be totally reliant on being glued to your mapping app of choice on your mobile device when you’re actually there in the flesh.

Plan ahead

This ties into the previous point, but knowing where you’re going and plotting routes ahead of time will make you less conspicuous as a potential target for criminal acts.

Also be aware that route planning software will generally recommend the shortest route between two points, which won’t necessarily be the safest. Make sure you stick to main thoroughfares and steer clear of alleyways and poorly lit areas, especially after dark.

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Bring a buddy with you

Traveling solo is fun and fulfilling, but in terms of safety it’s always better to head out in pairs or groups. When arranging a trip to Concord, having a friend or partner in tow won’t just keep you safe, but will also let you experience the sights and sounds for the first time together.

Avoid interacting with strangers

Obviously it’s fine to communicate with employees of any of the businesses you visit in Concord, but if a stranger approaches you in a bar, on the street or anywhere else and tries to disrupt your day, even to ask for assistance, don’t feel bad about turning them down.

Keep valuables out of sight

Many thieves are opportunistic, so if they see you walking around with your phone held loosely in one hand, or wearing expensive jewelry that’s on show, they’ll be more likely to pounce.

It’s better to keep precious possessions hidden on your person, and also to ensure that any bags or luggage you have with you are properly secured.

Use legitimate means of transport

If you want to get around downtown Concord, taking a taxi cab is an option. Always make sure that you’re using a licensed cab, and perhaps even use a ride-hailing app like Uber to guarantee that the experience you receive is in line with city and state regulations.
Don’t ask for or accept lifts from strangers, or even cabs which aren’t fully accredited, as this means there won’t be any official oversight of the vehicle or the driver.

Final thoughts

There’s no question that Concord is a safe city to visit, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to let your guard down. So plan your trip in advance and stick to these safety best practices to have the best possible time.