Do you want your wedding ring to symbolize something special? Do you want a classic design or something more embellished that will make heads turn? It can be challenging to select the right wedding ring for both men and women, but there are plenty of bespoke ring options to consider. Here are some great ideas to help you begin your search for the ideal his-and-hers wedding rings.

Choosing a Man’s Wedding Ring

The three key things to consider for a man’s wedding ring are the style of the ring, the metal used, and the gemstones it contains. While many men prefer the classic flat shape for their wedding ring, which means it’s a simple band with no embellishments, more and more men like to have a ring with a little more flair. A dome-shaped ring is one of the best options. It gives the ring a rounded appearance on the surface and edges. Concave rings are also popular choices. This option means the surface of the ring curves inward in the middle to create a striking design.

When it comes to metal choice, you should choose a ring made from a durable material that can withstand day-to-day use. After all, you’ll be wearing your wedding ring all of the time. Platinum is a popular metal choice for men’s wedding rings, as it’s both durable and visually appealing. But you may prefer a yellow-gold or white-gold ring for a classier option.

Added details to a man’s wedding ring can make it feel more special. In addition to things like the carving of the ring, consider the gemstones that the ring could contain. Diamonds are not just for women. Plenty of men’s wedding bands contain the stylish gemstones. But for something even classier, consider green emerald wedding rings for men.

Choosing a Woman’s Wedding Ring

Choosing the right wedding ring for a woman should be based on her individual style and taste. Some women prefer minimalist styles while others prefer rings with more detail and embellishments. Many women like their wedding rings to symbolize something, too. For example, diamonds symbolize love and commitment while rubies represent passion and purity.

While diamonds are still the most popular choice of wedding ring, many women prefer something a little more individual. In recent years, black diamonds have become firm favorites, especially since celebrities like Carmen Electra and Jennie Garth have sported the gemstones on their fingers. You could also consider sapphire as a gemstone. The color can range from light gray to the deepest of blues. Other popular choices of stones include the beautiful pink morganite, deep-red garnet, and topaz, which comes in many different colors to suit the bride’s taste.

Alternatively, many brides like the most traditional type of wedding ring, which does not even contain a gemstone. A simple gold band has been used to represent eternity, love, and devotion since the earliest of times. The classic yellow gold ring without any embellishments remains a classy and beautiful wedding ring style. There are plenty of other styles of wedding ring to choose from, though. For something with a little more flair, consider infinity wedding bands, which look like a sideways figure eight, representing infinity. But if you want a ring to show off and constantly remind you of how wonderful it is to be married, consider a five-stone wedding ring. It features five stones of equal sizes, so no one gemstone takes the spotlight. You can personalize which five stones you want, and while individual stones have their own meanings, the gemstones of a five-stone wedding ring represent good communication, trust, commitment, empathy, and love.

Here are some great ideas to help you begin your search for the ideal his-and-hers wedding rings.