Dealing with pain can be a tricky thing to contend with, especially if you suffer from chronic pain. You’ll want to find a solution that means you can continue with your day-to-day life with less pain or, ideally, no pain at all. If you’ve tried a number of different methods and found little relief, then you may be interested in trying out CBD.

CBD has been rising in popularity in recent years, so more people may have suggested it to you as a way to help with relieving your pain. Here’s how it could help you and, potentially, boost your living.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of more than 120 compounds that are known as cannabinoids. It doesn’t give you a ‘high’ or psychoactive effect, unlike other cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), because it doesn’t affect the same receptors in the body.

How does it work?

Your body’s endocannabinoid system (or ECS) receives and translates the signals it gets from cannabinoids, and also produces its own, known as endocannabinoids. Your ECS will help to regulate certain functions including pain, sleep and immune system responses.

CBD does little to the ECS, according to a study posted to Neurotherapeutics, but it does activate or inhibit other compounds in the body’s ECS. For instance, CBD stops you from absorbing anandamide, which is linked to regulating pain, so higher levels of anandamide could reduce the pain that you feel. CBD may also limit inflammation experienced in the nervous system and brain.

What type of pain can CBD be used for?

The medical community has only recently started to study CBD and pain. If you want to use CBD, you should speak to a doctor first to see if this is a good idea for you, and how much you can take.

Researchers looking at chronic pain and CBD have compiled results of many systematic reviews on trials and studies, concluding that cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults. Another study, in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, supported these results and suggested CBD can reduce inflammation and pain. It was also found those studied weren’t likely to build up a tolerance to CBD effects, so wouldn’t need to increase doses.

There are many different ways you can get CBD, such as cbd oil bulk wholesale. So have a look at the range of what’s available and see what may be the best solution that’s suited to you.

Using CBD for arthritis is gaining popularity, too, with a number of researchers and studies confirming the therapeutic effects of CBD oil. They say it can stop inflammation, give pain relief and even help curb anxiety. Having CBD affects the CB2 receptors in the body, so can be an aid in controlling the pain that’s caused by arthritis.

Another area of treatment is for sciatica. Sciatica usually creates two types of pain: nociceptive and neuropathic. Some limited research has suggested CBD could ease both of these, because CBD binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of your ECS. This changes the bad signals to good ones, so your balance or homeostasis is restored in your body.