Downsizing to a Smaller Space: A Guide

There is a misconception that people only ever seek to move into a larger space than the one they are in now. For growing families this makes sense, but sometimes a person or couple can have too much space. People might be moving for a new job, the kids may have grown up and moved out, to reduce their outgoings or just to live in a simpler way. Moving into a smaller property can be a challenge, however, especially if you have spent many years living in a larger space and you have lots of possessions and big furniture items. This guide outlines some key tips and ideas that may help when downsizing to a smaller space.

Sort your belongings

Your first step is to take a good look at all your belongings to decide whether you want to keep it, donate it to a goodwill center, sell it, or discard it. Giving your unwanted possessions to goodwill gives them a second life, is better for the environment, and will make someone else very happy. For everything that cannot be donated, you should try to discard in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Sell up

You may have some items that still have some monetary value, which means you could earn a few extra dollars to help with the cost of the move. You could sell via online marketplaces or bidding sites, sell to friends and family or colleagues, or even set up an old-fashioned garage sale for your neighbors.

Put some items into storage

You might come across some items that you are not sure whether you want to keep or not, or that are only needed once or twice a year, but they take up a lot of space (like sports equipment or a Christmas tree). In those cases, it might be worth investing in a portable storage box like Blue Box Storage. This enables you to store your items where you live without having to travel to and from a storage site until they are needed or until you decide you can part with them.

Choose multifunctional furniture

One of the biggest expenses of downsizing is investing in new furniture that is small enough for the new space but still functional. Ideally, you want to look for furniture that doubles as storage such as couches, beds, tables, and ottomans. Be sure to plan the layout of your furniture carefully, as you may be able to maximize space by choosing items that will fit together like a puzzle.

Invest in creative storage solutions

In addition to choosing furniture that can double as storage, you should consider other storage solutions that will prevent your new home from becoming cluttered. Make the most of the walls by handing shelves, cupboards, and hooks where you can keep kitchen utensils, clothes, and other belongings. Storage boxes or drawers under the bed are another great idea, as well as closet organizers and shoe racks that will maximize your clothes storage. Click here for some examples of clever storage solutions.


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