If you are a new driver or want to just drive safer here are some things to consider. Unsafe driving practices are one of the main factors in traffic collisions. Although we don’t want to be a downer, too loud music can slow down reaction times. According to research, listening to loud music while driving can cause drivers to take up to 20% longer to complete physical and mental activities. So you might want to slightly down the volume on that Justin Bieber record. Driver distraction is also increasingly being attributed to satellite navigation tools. Some motorists blindly follow directions rather than planning their route. The sat nav is not as important as what you see. Avoid the road if it seems off.

As traffic on the roadways gets worse. Just keep in mind that you cannot crash into space. The less chance of an accident you have, the more room you maintain in front and behind you. A driver who is sneezing can see 50 feet with their eyes closed. A safety buffer is created by keeping a safe distance should the unexpected happen.

Give yourself time when you’re in a crowded, congested location or in a built-up area. You won’t get there much faster if you drive quickly. Avoid using speed restrictions as an objective and make sure you are always considering the state of the roads and the amount of traffic. Relax as well. That angry racer is on its way somewhere quickly and has to beat you to the lights. It’s not the office, either. Resist the urge to follow them. Also, look to avoid hotspots and don’t drive where most accidents occur.

Every driver’s safety depends on clear road markings and signs. Road improvements frequently make references to prior collisions. In such places, preserve your distance and slow down while remaining vigilant as to what may have first caused the hazard. Generally speaking, the likelihood of risk increases with the number of signs and road markers. On an open road, street lights will signal the approach of a junction or roundabout, which is unmistakably a more dangerous location.

Ideally, you should have an eye exam with an optician every two years, or right away if you think you might have an eye condition. Keep your pride out of the way. If you use prescription glasses to drive, you must always wear them, and if you are driving in the summer, make sure your shades have prescription lenses as well.

You should schedule your trip so that you have time to stop and rest because driving when fatigued is a major contributing factor in auto accidents. As a general rule, anytime you have driven continuously for two hours, you should take a rest of at least 15 minutes, or less if you start to feel tired while driving. When you’re tired, you should take quick rests frequently. To get some fresh air and stretch your muscles, it is recommended to take a walk. A caffeinated beverage like tea, coffee, or another one would be a smart pick-me-up.