Selling a car is something that a lot of people will have to do in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a beloved motor to a dealer or whether you are exchanging it in return for something else because it’s not always easy for you to get rid of the car you have and get the best price for it. Car dealers tend to be very hard negotiators and even though the second-hand car market looks easy to navigate, it certainly isn’t. That’s why you need these tips to help you to get the best price and the fastest sale.

Take Good Photographs

You don’t need to be a professional photographer at all to take good pictures. You do however need to dedicate some time when it comes to ensuring that the car photos you have are of decent quality. Location is everything when taking pictures of your car. Parking your car in a dingy alley or even in the middle of an industrial estate is not going to make your car look the best that it can. You also need to avoid direct sunlight. If you take your photo in direct sunlight then you may find that you end up bleaching out some of the detail and that you are also left with an image that is completely over-exposed. If your online listing is free, then ensure that you take a lot of images if possible as this will show the car from every angle. If you plan on listing your car to the entire country, then look into transport services if you can.

Deep Clean

Spending a few hours cleaning your car will help you out quite a lot. To begin with, you have to make sure that you wash and wax the exterior. It’s also very helpful for you to give the tyres and the wheels a good clean. It’s possible for you to make your own tyre cleaner by simply mixing baking soda and water to a thick paste. You may also find that you end up getting an even better photo as a result. When you have done this, you can then move onto the interior. Give your car a good vacuum and scrub down the mats. Any stubborn stains can be removed with some washing up liquid and some warm water.


When it comes to selling your car, potential buyers will always take a close interest in the service history. If your vehicle has been well maintained, then you need to get your service records together and you also need to include a full service history. If you can do this, then this will boost your car’s value and it will also help you to seem more reputable overall. Nothing is as convincing as having an organised stack of receipts that show how well you have looked after your vehicle. If you know that your vehicle is coming up to its MOT or if you are overdue one then it helps to get this done before you put the car on the market as again, this will help you to seem more convincing.