I hate to be one of those preachy types that shoves their New Year’s resolutions down other people’s throats, but when something works, it just works.

Before I made the vow to start working out more in 2016, I started researching things that would help me get where I needed to be. Sometimes it’s more than just getting your butt out of your desk chair and going to the gym. Fitness apparel and wearable tech have come so far over the last few years it would be a shame to leave them out of the equation. Here is a list of essential fitness apparel and gear that I’ll be using this winter.

Mizuno Breath Thermo Stretch Crew

Mizuno Breath Thermo Stretch Crew

It should come as no surprise that the biggest excuse people make in regards to working out during the winter time is the temperature. The key is to know what will keep you warm without weighing you down.Mizuno’s Breathe Thermo Stretch Crew has heat-regulating properties to keep you comfortable and warm in spite of the chilly weather. They look great, too!

Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks

Wet skin makes the feet much more susceptible not only to frostbite, but also to blisters. The Drymax Cold Weather Running Socks have a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System. This system instantly moves moisture from the skin, through the inner Drymax layer, to the outer absorbent layer, keeping feet dry. Staying dry is critical to remaining warm and comfortable in cold weather.

Basis Peak Smartwatch - Sleep and Fitness Tracker

Basis Peak Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Having the right clothing, though important, isn’t the last essential you will need to conquer this winter and your resolutions. I recommend picking up a fitness tracker like the Basis Peak. It not only tracks your activity, and look good doing it, the Peak will monitor your sleeping habits, as well. You can access all of your fitness and sleep activity via their free smartphone app.

Visit MyBasis.com to learn more about the Basis Peak Smartwatch.

Saucony Men's ProGrid Razor

Saucony Men’s ProGrid Razor

I’m not exactly what some would call an “outdoorsy type of guy,” but I do have my moments. The Saucony Men’s ProGrid Razor shoes are designed to conquer the streets, as well as hiking trails. They provide a ¾-cut design to provide extra protection if you end up in snowy areas. As for any puddles you come across, you should be protected thanks to the ProGrid Razor’s additional waterproof protection.