Packing for any trip is a nightmare. And the task is made even more complicated when you are limited in space with an array of options that need to be cut down to simple and versatile selections. But the hassle of packing a functional weekend bag doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

By planning ahead and allowing sufficient time to make sensible and practicable decisions, you can pack anything you may need into one travel bag without making big compromises. From your trusty vape pen and favourite pair of sunglasses to sensible chinos and a button-down shirt, you will feel prepared to pack for any occasion.

Use the Space Efficiently

The key to using your weekend bag in the most efficient way is to pack properly and fold your clothes to use as little space as possible without damaging or wrinkling the items. Many weekend bag options come with a shoe storage space at the bottom of the bag, allowing you to keep them separate from your clothes and free up that needed space.

It is best to pack your clothes in the order you plan to use them, making the choices you need first to be at the top. This allows you to naturally unpack the bag as your trip progresses. Any toiletries and accessories should be placed on top in secured bags to minimise the risk of messing over your clothes.

Items like underwear, socks, ties and belts can be rolled up and stored inside shoes or inner bag compartments, as they do not run the risk of being creased. Be sure to take advantage of all the different interior pockets, as their storage capacity and location provide a safe place to keep valuables.

As there are other ways to pack a travel bag, you may find it helpful to experiment with a few different packing variations to see which one suits you best.

The Clothes

Your exact packing list depends mainly on where you are going, the anticipated activities, and the weather forecast. For example, a bag you pack for a business trip is going to be very different from a lad’s weekend away.

But if you consider a basic and standard weekend trip, you can keep it simple and pack the necessary items without going overboard.


Regardless of the type of trip you are taking, you will always go right with packing a basic t-shirt. It is ideal for travelling in, wearing for a casual meal or even sleeping in. A basic tee in a neutral colour is a must. If space allows, throw in a second option in a different neutral tone.

Considered the workhorse of the wardrobe, you will be doing yourself an injustice not packing at least two different button-down shirts. They can be worn for any occasion and can be dressed up or down—the perfect choice for nearly any activity you do.

Finally, if the temperate is low or set to drop, pack a jacket or jersey to keep the cold air at bay. Again, you will likely only have space for one item, so choose something neutral that can be paired with any outfit you wear.


For a trip with cooler temperatures, a solid pair of slim-fit dark jeans will never fail you. Their cut and colour allow them to be dressed up when necessary while also being the perfect casual option. For hotter temperatures, switch for a pair of tailored shorts in either black, navy blue or dark grey.

For a second pants option, regardless of the trip you take, pack a pair of chinos. They are the ideal choice for any smart-casual function you may attend, allowing you to look stylish and chic without feeling overdressed.


As a rule of thumb, always pack one or two more pairs of underwear than days you will be away. You want to be prepared for anything that may happen, and being overprepared is a far better place to be than underprepared.

Along with underwear, appropriate socks are a must. While fashion rules dictate they should be neutral coloured and match your outfit, many people use them to express their outgoing, creative personalities. Regardless of which you prefer, don’t leave them behind.


Packing shoes to travel is always a nightmare. They are a bulky addition, meaning you have to think very carefully about your footwear needs. The easiest way to pack is by selecting a more casual pair for general use and travelling and a smart-casual work shoe or boot for evening functions or dressier events.

Wear one pair and pack the other, meaning you only have to allow space for one pair of shoes in your bag, helping you save valuable space for different items. Additionally, should your activities require them, a trendy pair of sunglasses, a simple black or blue tie, and a belt to match your shoes will round out your accessories.

The Grooming Gear

There is only one important rule to follow when packing your toiletries – if you use it daily, include it. If not, leave it at home. Following this simple requirement will give you ample space to pack things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, cologne, and any skincare products you use regularly.

If you take prescription medication, bring a sufficient amount to last while you are away, and consider a razor and aftershave if needed. Beyond that, you will be wasting space with unnecessary items you likely won’t look at.