Have you recently decided to downsize? Maybe you just want to revamp your home. With busy schedules today, most people want to do their remodeling over the weekend. Here are a few ideas for those plans and how to get them done while saving money over the weekend.

Ideas for Those Projects

There are so many incredible ways to do small things over the weekend. They add to your home’s overall style. People that work in flipping homes understand these things. Here are a few of the top simple steps those people recommend that you can do over the weekend to make those changes.

  • Change the door hardware
  • Paint a room
  • Change the décor
  • Change the pillows and accents to match

Painting the room a different color is another weekend project that you can take on. Certain colors enhance the mood of a room. Consider the other colors in pillows, plants, and features of the environment. Bring three colors together, with the base color. That allows a whole room to change. Try it and you’ll see.

A big style trend today is changing the indoor doors. Adding a barn door to a room provides an entirely new look. If your home already came with that trend, then simply changing the barn door hardware is easy. When you go to the home décor stores online, there are so many little things that add special touches in the hardware section. Changing a handle throughout the room completely overhauls the look.

Permits and Requirements

It’s important to know what type of changes you can do to your home. There are permits that have to be in place prior to some projects. Here are a few of the things that you need to consider and follow.

  • City Permits
  • County Permits
  • HOA Requirements

City permits are important. There are homes on the market now that homeowners made amazing changes to. Those same homeowners learned that they couldn’t sell their homes. That happened because they didn’t get a permit to make the changes. That costs homeowners thousands of dollars every year. Also, structural problems can occur. Electrical problems can occur. Make sure to check out city permits before you begin your weekend project. Depending on what it is, you may need them.
In some places, the county permits are separate from the city ones. Check with the county permits office to see if they are a requirement. If they are, you may not be able to do your project that weekend. Once you get your permits, you can then begin to work.

HOA rules vary as well. Even if you have city permits, if you try to do something that your HOA doesn’t allow, you could run into fines and other serious problems with your project. Check that out before beginning your home improvement ideas.

Funding For Home Improvement Projects

Did you know that there are actually government websites where you are able to get assistance? Those programs are waiting and ready for applicants. Depending on where your home is, there are grants available for your funding needs. Even if you don’t qualify, it’s worth looking at that. Imagine receiving the money to fix your home. When you go to sell the home, those home improvements gain you more from the sale.

You can then think about the next weekend’s project. Consider changing the pillows and accents to match the new look. Some people even have color schemes for different seasons. When that season comes, they switch out the pillows and the curtains to complete a look. It makes a huge difference in how the room looks and feels. When the holiday season comes, your home will be welcoming to all your guests as well.

These ideas and points will help you get started on your plans for your home improvement projects. If you’re like a lot of people who enjoy home decor, you can improve the resale value of your home. It can help you stage a home and make more off of the sale. The best part is the feeling though. When you sit back in your home and you look around and see the changes that you made over the weekend, Monday won’t look so harsh.